Neuro-Muscular Therapy & Chronic Pain Management


Aquastretch is a new system of stretching that may help enhance physical health and psychological well being usually by assisted stretching in water.  AquaStretching does so by creating significantly greater body flexibility, as well as the profound physical and mental relaxation, which may also improve neurological, hormonal, vascular and other physiological functions.


The AquaStretch exercises are systematically done at different depths of water and with various amounts of low weights, usually only 2 to 10 lbs, attached to the body, sometimes with slow intuitive movement.   AquaStretch’s combination of dynamically stretching in different water depths while strategically wearing low weights usually results in much greater flexibility of your body more efficiently than stretching on land under the influence of gravity in static positions.  Facilitated AquaStretching by a partner, fitness trainer, massage therapist, or aquatic therapist, sometimes called Aquatic YogaDancing, is usually done with intuitive movement and often creates greater body flexibility and profound relaxation more effectively and more quickly than AquaStretching by yourself.


Aquastrech 1 hour $60 + $10 Pool fee

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"AquaStrech is a wonderful, therapeutic massage!! Trish is able to manipulate my body in so many ways and get to the areas I need the most help. It helped me be more flexible and the night after a session, I slept SO well!! It's something I really looked forward to - a relaxing float with wonderful massage!!"


Frances R.